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amber interiors nursery our neutral nursery inspiration

I have always thought nurseries were a little much.  So often, they look like a different universe within a home.  When I began thinking about room ideas for our little one, there was one thought that prevailed in my mind.  I wanted it to look like it belonged in the rest of the house.  I wanted the nursery to be a bedroom, not a baby bonanza.

We’re turning our current guest space into the baby’s room, and moving the guest room to the 3rd floor (plans for which I’ll be sharing soon!).  Aside from sticking my old apartment furniture in there when I moved in with Matt, the room hasn’t been touched since 1982 (not a joke, literally, 1982).  The carpet is a honey brown color and the walls may or may not have paw prints from some striped-tail rodents that used to occupy the space before we did.  Due to this, our very first priority is getting the room new, clean carpet, and a fresh coat of paint.

Of course, after the foundation elements are taken care of, the room needs to be a few things.  Firstly, it needs to be serene.  It needs to be a place where both parents and baby feel relaxed and at ease. It should be soft and quiet.  It needs to have natural light during the day, but be secluded and dark at night.


estee stanley nursery

Secondly, it needs to be functional.  It must have the necessary baby essentials (which in turn, make it relaxing when it has all of the necessities).  For me, the essentials mean a crib, a rocker, storage, and a changing table.  In my mind, functional also means, nothing that isn’t necessary.  I despise clutter and don’t want a bunch of stuff in the room – this is also my general approach to baby gear.

Lastly, the room should be gender neutral, since we’re not finding out the sex of the baby.  I probably wouldn’t have a super girly or super masculine room even if I did know the gender, but still, gender neutral is essential.

I’ve been drawn to rooms that have indigo touches with lots of light, bright space and natural elements.


Nursery Plans Roundup

Chandelier | Art | Floor Lamp | Pillow | Crib | Rug | Rocker | Ottoman

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.33.45 PM

There are a few other things going on in the room as well.  I have a very large and very teal armoire that we got from my mother in law a while ago and although I want to keep it in the room for extra storage, it desperately needs stripped and painted to take off the teal faux finish that she had on it from the 80’s.  I also have my eye out for a simple mid-century modern dresser to use as a changing table.

A few items in my ‘wish list’ aren’t even available anymore (the rocker and the ottoman, mainly) so I’ll be sourcing alternates!  I really hope to find a rocker that isn’t too juvenile looking, but it still comfy.

We’ve already started clearing out the room and getting ready for the two biggest foundational changes – paint and new carpet!  I’ll be back next week to chat paint colors and carpet, both of which are going to be happening very very soon.


Inspiration Images:  Amber Interiors via My Domaine | Lonny | Woven Home

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