The New Earnest Home co. is Live!

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Welcome to the new Earnest Home co! I am so excited that you’re back here today and I can introduce you to the new site, but first, a sappy moment.  Although I am crazy excited about all of the newness going on around here, I’m mostly just excited to be back to blogging, to get back into a rhythm and an interaction with you guys.  Although the break I took over the Christmas holiday was longer, this break was… hard.  I found myself wanting to turn to the blog over the weekend to discuss the transition and how it was affecting me, but I couldn’t.  I really missed you guys and felt like during one of the biggest changes I was experiencing in relation to the blog and the brand, I didn’t have that connection that I’ve come to value so much.


But we’re back, so we’re going to jump right in!  Firstly, I’m going to probably just call the brand Earnest Home for short.  I don’t feel a need to add a mini ‘co’ to everything.  You can feel free to do the same if you’d like.

Secondly, it isn’t as scary as I made it out to be, right?  I shared the vision here – which was simple, clean, and slightly feminine with natural elements. We’ve managed to bring the product side of the business and the blog side of the business under one name and one homepage.  The homepage is like the front door of the brand.  It is a starting point for people who are new to me and my creative endeavors. I envision myself meeting someone at a conference and being able to point them to this one site which houses all of my info.  The homepage also shares what is new on the blog, any sales or specials we’re running in the shop, and links to social. You guys are already pretty familiar with me and the brand, so you’ll probably just come directly here –

You can navigate between the different facets of the brand on our main menu bar at the top of the page.  You can bounce back and forth between the shop, the blog, and the homepage with big updates.  All of the old posts and archives are still here and you can search through all of them using the search bar in the upper right corner.

I’ve changed all of my social media as well.  If you already followed, they you were automatically transferred over, but if you want to follow a certain platform, make sure you click the links to the right or use this guide:

Newsletter (updates on the site launch)

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One of the biggest changes is the new newsletter!! It’s in the sidebar…right there to your right.  I wanted to give you guys a leg up on new information and some original content, so sign up if you haven’t!  I’m going to be doing some newsletter only projects, videos as well as give you all the rundown on any sales or promotions we’re having in the shop! I’ll be sending one newsletter each month, so get in on it!

It’s been a crazy amount of work and I’m so glad to finally get to start moving forward with the change.   None of this would have been possible without the absolutely fabulous team at the Wonder Jam.  Allie and Adam guided me every step of the way and were able to accurately pinpoint what I needed from a logistical standpoint and from a design standpoint. Thank you so much Allie & Adam!!

Lastly, a huge, monstrous thank you to my Matt. It was six months ago that I tapped him on the shoulder after he’d already fallen asleep and said, “hey, I think I need to change my brand”.  Ever since then, He’s talked me up and down through my thoughts on the changes.  Matt – thank you so so much for your patience with me and all of your help.

So there you have it!  We have a new site, we have a new(ish) shop, and best of all a new place to come and talk design, decor, idea creation, and so much more!

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