The Staggered Side (table)

Staggered or ‘nested’ side tables are one of my new favorite decor ideas!  Accent tables fall into the category of things that are fun to buy because you can branch out and try new things without a huge financial investment.  Above, I’ve grouped together a more traditional rattan and iron bedside table with a rustic factory stool.  Not only is there extra surface area involved for me to put all my things, but the stool can also me tucked all the way under the top table for a more streamlined look if necessary.

Here, I’ve just staggered two different rounds to give this grouping a little more dimension! A tall dainty pedestal pairs well with the shorter, mid-century, marble topped table.

This staggered or nested look can go with a wide variety of tables and decor – here are some of my favorites!

You can click on some of the mini-photos below for where to purchase.

No. 1 Natural Romantic

No. 2 Mod Mesh

No. 3 Comtemporary Minimalist

No. 4 Modern Rustic


*all photos from house of earnest*

I bet you have a couple side or accent tables in your house to play with?  Or maybe start small with a cute stool or ottoman below a console?

Let me know!! Do you think this is something you’ll try?

Have a FANTASTIC Thursday!  FYI – I’ll be on my normal MWF posting schedule by next week!  All this traveling is throwing me off!



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