The Sweetest X's and O's Ever

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re either out of time or out of ideas, something sweet and homemade is always well received. Homemade graham crackers are the key to this simple, but impactful display of affection – and are as easy to make as sugar cookies. 

I used a recipe from smitten kitchen, emiting the cinnamon and sugar topping that the recipe called for. The X and O cookie cutters were just $0.75 each at Sur la Table.

Assembling the s’mores is simple. I used a kitchen torch, but wrapping in tin foil and broiling would be easy as well.

Wouldn’t you love to be given these sweet, nostalgic treats? I think since s’mores are out of season, it’s an even better gift to get or give!

Have a SUPERB Monday!

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