The Tale of Two Rugs


I’ve had a rug dilemma for some time now.  If you’ll recall in the beginning, we were back and forth in our living room redesign on the couch color first designing the room with a white sofa, then updating to navy.  When the couch color changed the original idea to have an indigo rug also changed.  We brought in a colorful kilim to help bring in some of the indigo hues, but not to overwhelm the room with too much blue.

My issue with the kilim has always been the color.  I liked it, but felt like the rest of the room had to be super sparse to balance all of the color from the couch and the rug.  As I’ve been trying to work on the art and the cushions and accessories, I just keep hitting wall with all of the color.  This is issue #1.

Issue #2 is that the kilim rug weave is a little off kilter.  I got it on craigslist and it had been in it’s original packaging, but I am not sure how long or in what heat it had been rolled… so the rug had a crazy ripple in it.  I thought the ripple would relax over time, but after almost two months of this rug being in the living room, it still was so wonky that it tripped us up every single time we were walking through.

One day last week, I was so overwhelmed with a day of the baby crying and tripped over the rug yet again and basically freaked out on the rug.  I made Matt take every piece of furniture out of the room, then we wet the whole thing down, ironed it, and laid out marble slabs on it to try and flatten it out.


It did not work.

So, all other internet advice said to lay the rug out with no furniture on it for a prolonged period of time.  This is where the story gets interesting.  The only room I had that I could use to lay a rug out without being bothered was the attic.  BUT I had a beautiful 100% wool Moroccan rug from Plush Rugs arriving any day for the attic redesign.

So I did what anyone would do and put the black and white Moroccan rug in the living room and the colorful kilim in the attic.  I thought, “We’ll just live like this until the kilim rug is fixed.”


Trouble is, I am really liking the shag rug with the living room decor.  It’s already made me feel 10x better about some of the other decor decisions I have yet to make in that space.  The art seems to work better, the pillows seem to work better, an ottoman I’m recovering also seems to work better.  But, I did really like the color the kilim brought to the room and how it helped bring more blues so that the sofa wasn’t the only blue thing.


Now, I’m just so torn.  Tell me, what is your favorite look?

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