The Top Ten of 2015

top ten layout short

The numbers don’t lie, you guys!  There were some very very clear winners for the top posts you loved this year.  I took both stats and comments into account when tabulating this list of the top ten blog posts, projects, and tutorials that you devoured this year.  Since I know that not all of you have been around the entire year (welcome!!) I wanted to dig back through 2015 to showcase what you guys resonated most with this year. Ready? 

No. 1 Rose Gold Leather Mousepad

This one was a total shocker to me.  I didn’t realize how much you all loved it!  So many times throughout the year it was linked to by magazines and internet publications alike!

rose gold leather mousepad

No. 2 Packing for 2 Weeks in Europe (in just a carry-on!)

I loved doing this post, not just because I absolutely LOVE to travel (and love fashion) but also because I got to work with my cousin, Angela’s company Redress in the process.  We formulated two week’s worth of outfits out of just what would fit into a carry-on.  Not only did I feel très chic in Paris, but I also wasn’t lugging a giant suitcase around the tiny cobblestoned streets of Europe.

outfit ideas

No. 3 Modern Cake Stand

I am so happy you all loved this one, because I loved it too.  Even though that candle isn’t available any longer, the concept still stands and most anything could be used as a quirky modern base for this beautiful cake stand.

modern cake stands

No. 4 Faux Marble Kitchen Island

You guys KNOW I love this post as much as you do.  Even in the months after complete, I’ve come to love it even more because it holds up amazingly to stains (they just wipe off with a magic eraser) and scratches (haven’t seen one yet!). Although it was a little time consuming, it is certainly amazing how much beauty can come of wood, gray paint, and clear coat…

painted faux marble countertops

No. 5 Tassel Rug

This was another surprise for me.  I know we all like tassels, but this was a yearly fave that I wasn’t expecting.  It’s beautiful, simple, and modern.

giant tassel fringe rug

No. 6 Our 2 Week European Road Trip Itinerary (Part 1 and Part 2)

Again, I loved making this post, and especially loved all of the amazing feedback from you all.  We ended up going to a TON of the recommended restaurants and sights based on your recommendations.  I put together a complete 2 week itinerary of where we stayed and how we traveled, but more more in depth of what we saw, did, and ate, see the recaps: Paris, Burgundy, Switzerland, Cinque Terre, Rome, Positano.

european road trip itinerary


No. 7 Easiest DIY Wall Hanging

This is one of those posts that was like a ‘duh’ moment for me.  I wanted a wall hanging and one day while in Home Goods I was staring at this rug because I loved it but didn’t have a place for it…. DUH wall hanging! Anyway, I talk you through a quick and easy way to turn a rug into a wall hanging with this favorite tutorial.

diy woven wall hanging

No. 8 Homemade Citronella Candles

It looks like we all equally hate mosquitos!  This DIY was really really fun to do and worked wonderfully, so I am glad you all loved it too!

homemade citronella candles

No. 9 Homemade Limoncello (or Limoncino in Cinque Terre!)

I still have some of this concoction sitting in the freezer for the perfect occasion! This limoncello recipe was verbally told to me my a lady on the street in Monterosso al Mare.  It’s pretty darn good too.

italiano limoncello recipe

No. 10 Three Bookshelf Problems (and what to do about them!)

This was a totally fun post to plain, style, and write, so I am so glad you all loved it.  If you have issues with cluttered, sparse, or boring shelves… look no further.

styling a pretty bookshelf without a lot of books

Lastly, a BIG thank you to you all for coming along with me on yet another year of this crazy blog journey.  Your kind comments, interactions, shares, engagements, and general presence mean the absolute world to me.  You seriously don’t even know how much each kind comment lights up my life.

Here’s to another wonderful year, friends!

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