The Well-Rounded Entry

All my life, I’ve envied the grand entryways that have a large round table with a large vase of flowers.  You know the ones – welcoming guests and looking chic through the glass front door? I never thought I’d have the pleasure of having the type of ‘foyer’ that could accommodate this design feature, but I was wrong (as I am here and there!).

I’m always toying around with various rooms in my house and after a rug purchase in India for our entry, I got to thinking about the round table (complete with flowers) that I’ve always wanted to have in an entry.  The rug sat there for about a week before I starting moving tables in and out to play with the scale that would be appropriate.  I needed something tall and skinny.

I borrowed a side table from our living room and a marble table top that I’d found thrifting a few years back to combine them into something very simple, but grand enough (thanks to the marble) for the entry I was envisioning.

I piled it with two sturdy design books and a small (gotta keep that scale in mind) vase of flowers.  I know I’m clearly biased, but I love it.  And sometimes it’s just the little details that make you smile and feel wonderful in your home.

Have you done anything lately that you’re exceptionally proud of? Let me know!


Have a SUPERB Monday!

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