This week’s flowers – four ways

flowers four ways - fall

It’s probably no surprise that I have fresh flowers in my house at all times.  Working with flowers for weddings and events so often, I just cannot be without a bouquet divvied up around the house. People always comment that keeping blooms around would get expensive, but it doesn’t at all if you follow my plan.

Every other week, I purchase one BIG mixed bouquet from Trader Joe’s (which costs just $9) and another smaller bouquet of just one type of flower (sunflowers in this case).  I take the big bouquet apart and make four arrangements.  Two small ones (in mini bottles) for the bedside and the bathroom, one medium sized one (in a drinking glass) for my kitchen island, and one larger one (tutorial here) for my entryway.

flowers 4 ways - fall
fall flowers four ways

As you can see, not all of the arrangements have a sunflower, the bathroom arrangement just has some simple greens and a trimming off the mums.  The bedside and kitchen bouquets just have one of the sunflowers and then the big arrangement gets the balance sunflowers and the rest of the big bouquet.

Choosing bouquets with mums, flowering greens, sunflowers, peruvian lilies, daisies will ensure that your bouquet lasts almost the full two weeks.  If you like more delicate flowers, just ensure to remove any leaves that fall below the water line and change water often (every 3-4 days).

It will seem like you’ve always got fresh flowers sitting around and for the cost of a trip to Starbucks (for two)!

Any tips you use to keep your flowers going?


p.s. The pumpkin candle from illume is fantastic – not to spicy, not to sweet, just very pumpkin-y.

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