Thoughts for 2012

While growing up my mom would always tell me, “Just be yourself”. This was usually when I was on my way to cheerleading tryouts, student council elections, college, dates or job interviews. As I was engrossed in self-doubt, she didn’t have any because she knew that ‘myself’ was good enough in all of these situations.

This is something that I struggle with every single day. It seems so easy, so why does being myself cause me to seize up in fear?

The other day in the kitchen I was doing my own vocal mash-up of Starship’s ‘We Built This City” along with Patrick Stump’s ‘This City’. The song was complete with choreographed dance moves and some of the original lyrics might have been changed to include my dog’s name. As I’m doing this, and my husband is trying is best to run from the insanity, I realize that this a glimpse of the real me; a glimpse of the true ‘myself’.

As I see more and more glimpses like the dance/song episode in the kitchen I realize that being yourself is hard because, especially when we’re young, we don’t even know who ‘ourselves’ is. We’re just beginning to form the pieces that, when put together, make us unique.

This has all come to a peak recently because I’m headed to a blog conference in a couple of weeks with some big names in the blogging industry. As I’m preparing my media kits, business cards, clothes, and thoughts I’m in need of constant reminders that all of these things should reflect the real me, that my blog should reflect the real me, and that the real me is a good thing.

I’m making this my new years resolution. I’m resolving to be true to myself, to work harder at being myself, and develop into the person I’ve always seen myself as… even if that does include an impromptu song and dance extravaganza here and there.

May this week be a fresh new start!

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!

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