Three Beautiful Holiday Table Color Palettes

color palettes holiday table decor

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner which kind of blows my mind… how about you?  Usually after a few months of football and the darker nights, I start to get into the spirit.  This year, however, it’s been so warm and sunny, that Thanksgiving snuck up on me!

While I don’t host my family, I do host our annual Friendsgiving celebration, so after the realization that this holiday really is on the horizon, I decided to jump headlong into some research.

While scouting out possible ideas for my decor, I stumbled across some less than typical color palettes that I though would make my Holiday table really stand out this year.  See if you can spot my fave!

pewter gray sage


Pewter, Gray, & Sage: Is it just me, or is everything better with a cool, creamy sage color? My bedroom throughout my teen years was all sage and cream (a paint change surprise my parents came home to after being out one night), and we all know that I’m just getting over a sage colored kitchen.

This beautiful table setting styled by Lyndsey Hamilton is gorgeous. The sprig of rosemary and silverware gathered with a ribbon bearing the guests name is a sweet touch and the etched glassware and candlelit glow all works together to create a look that is casual, but really pulled together.

Source, photography by Elisabeth Millay

color story cobalt copper


Cobalt & Copper:  Ok, I can’t keep it to myself.  This one is my favorite.  I love how new the deep blue feels, but with copper and creamy white pumpkins, it’s just fabulous. I want to move into this photo (and the very top photo).  I love every single detail of this cozy and cool event. Jeni Maus of Found {Vintage} Rentals styled this cobalt and copper masterpiece.  You have GOT to see the entire shoot…  It’s mind-blowingly beautiful.

Source, Photography: Joel Maus

levels of wine


Levels of Wine: Burgundy isn’t new to the Thanksgiving scene, but mixed in with purple, deep eggplant, and bright red, the whole look is pretty show-stopping.  I also love the mix of such a simple placesetting with the wild, lush floral arrangement by Winston Flowers.


wheat and gold


Gold & Wheat:  While I’m not a big fan of yellow, I AM a big fan of gold.  And there is a fine line.  This table look has a wild, warm look to it that makes me want to put on a fire and host a long, leisurely feast. The layers of neutral textures really do it for me here.


So you may have noticed that I snuck in another palette there in the end.  I couldn’t resist.  So, we have FOUR gorgeous color palettes which are sure to get your creative Thanksgiving juices flowing.  After doing this post, I am now even more torn on what look I’m going to go with for Thanksgiving this year.  My instincts are leaning toward the Gray and Sage mixture, but that Blue.  I have some serious thinking to do.

Ok, It’s your turn!  Do you have a favorite?  Tell me below which combo is speaking to you!


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