Three (Pretty) Easter Egg Decorations

easter egg decorations pretty

I love decorating Easter eggs.  In the past, it was an opportunity to sit down and have fun with siblings and cousins, in recent times, it’s an opportunity to think of creative, new ways to showcase a little beauty.

egg decorations colorful and pretty

This year, I have three easy, colorful ways to decorate your eggs for the holiday.  Get your baskets ready, they’re going to be full of glittered, fringed, and dotted masterpieces. 

easter egg decoration ideas

Cool Easter Egg Decorations

You’ll Need:

Glitter Letter Egg:

Dye an egg for just a few minutes to create a light, pastel hue.  Finish with a monogram sticker and you’re done!

Fringe Belly Band Egg:

Fringe up 3-4 layers of tissue paper and wrap around the center of your egg, topping with a piece of ribbon.

Dotted Decoupage Egg:

Decoupage individual pieces of tissue paper confetti all over the surface of the egg.

egg decorations colorful and pretty

It’s easy to get a pretty, clean look without putting too much effort into your eggs. The best part?  They’re still edible!

I hope you love these ideas as much as I do!


Still looking for more egg ideas?  Here are the three eggs I did last year!


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