Three ways to wear a headscarf – Video!

three ways to tie a headscarf

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to wear brights! If you love interjecting color into your wardrobe, or if it’s a little scary for you (and me!) then accessories are the best way to do it!  I love wearing neutrals, but when it comes to shoes and accessories, that is where I usually like to get a little creative.

I’ve put together the perfect tutorial to show you guys the top three ways I wear scarves in my hair.  Watch and learn!

There is a style for everyone.  The Indie Wrap is the one I employ the most, it covers dirty roots and looks kind of boho glam.  The Preppy Headband is perfect for those new to headscarves and goes with most outfits.  The Retro Turban was taught to me by Chelsea Costa and I have loved playing with it over the past few months.

Start with a large square silk scarf and have fun!


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