Tie one on: St Paddys Day Decor

st patricks day party decor

St. Paddys Day is just around the corner (can you believe it?!?) and although I don’t typically go all-out, I like to do a little something.  I have an Irish name (and so does my sister, Colleen), but as far as I can tell, we’re as much Irish as we are French and English and Native American and who knows what else (don’t get me started on Ancestry.com, I could talk your leg off).  Anyways, regardless of my heritage, any holiday that encourages some beer drinking is ok in my book.  And since being festive is one of my favorite things, here is a simple little project for your St. Paddys Day weekend.

This easy shamrock tie is just as cute when gifting a bottle of beer to your party hosts or tied in your hair for that green you’ll need to be wearing.

tie one on

To complete this project you’ll only need a couple of things: Materials:

  • 1 piece of green felt
  • twine or ribbon
  • super glue
  • scissors

st pattys day decor

tie one on tutorial

ONE cut out 4 hearts from some green felt. TWO fold the bottom on the heart length-wise and add some glue around the lower edges to hold it pinched in. THREE keeping the heart folded in half length-wise from step two, fold about 1/4 of the bottom point upwards and cut a tiny snip to create two holes in the felt. FOUR thread some twine or ribbon through the two holes.  Repeat with the other three hearts.

st patricks day crafts

It’s a darling little project for those of you who’d rather make a nod to the holiday rather than go hog-wild with it. If you have school age girls, I’m sure they’d love rocking a shamrock in their pony (I certainly do!).


p.s. the beer in the photo is Scottish, not Irish, but I thought the bottle was just so pretty, I couldn’t resist!

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