Time for a (pretty giant) Update

I was kind of on a roll last fall with the new house tour as we were going through the farmhouse room by room, but then I dropped off the grid.  Again. Some of you may have seen this announcement on my IG stories (follow on instagram if you didn’t catch it!), but…well…we moved.  To New York. City.

I am just now mentioning this move because as of this week, we’ve been in New York for three months, but we’re just finally starting to feel settled. It took us a while to settle for a multitude of reasons.  Firstly, the turn around between my accepting a position in the city and us actually moving was just a couple of weeks.  Secondly, because, well, moving with a baby is tough. Also, moving with a baby while your husband is in graduate school and traveling half of the month each month is down-right insane.  It was one of those periods in life where you just think to yourself, “just keep going”.

There are so many things that have happened in the last three months.  I took an amazing job working back in fashion.  We moved into a shockingly small, but large-for-New York apartment in Brooklyn.  We hired a nanny who makes our life here work.  Maeve has grown a ton and is doing all sorts of crazy amazing things.

I honestly don’t know where to start.  Our move was a total shock to our family and friends in Ohio, and something we, honestly, never ever thought we would do.  New York is a bucket-list place to live for a lot of people… not us.  I actually recall Matt saying one time that if I got my dream job, he’d go anywhere… except New York.  This, however, was a move that didn’t have a ton to do with location, but a move that had a lot to do with the position I took and the stellar opportunity it is.  If we had older children or more children our decision might have been different, but with a young child who isn’t in school, location isn’t as big of a deal.

So, after some deliberation and a commitment to dive headfirst into the complete and utter unknown, we decided to make the move.

Ok, onto the fun part… the apartment hunt!  Looking for a place to live in NYC is completely and utterly overwhelming.  I think I’ll do a whole post on it because it was such an ordeal and I have a lot to share with anyone thinking of moving here. For now, I’ll just give you the highlights.  I flew into the city on a Saturday morning just two weeks before we were actually supposed to move in.  In New York, this isn’t crazy.  In two days, I saw 28 apartments in 8 different neighborhoods.  And I walked to every single showing. I walked over 22 miles in these two days. It was important to me that I walk around and experience the neighborhoods that I was considering to get a feel for the area.

In the end, I found a two bedroom apartment in a fantastic neighborhood, in my budget which accepts dogs and has a dishwasher and a washer and dryer.  The fact that I got those five things was amazing.  But then, I also got a lot of space and a ton of closets.  There are downsides (believe me… I’ll talk about them in another post). But all in all, we got most of the things on our wish list.

Finding the right (for now) place was tough.  Moving with a baby was tough.  Finding childcare was tough.  Getting acclimated to life in a totally different environment and doing this all while starting a new job was a lot.  But we’re now getting our heads above water.

There is so much stuff to talk about, but I’m just easing my way back in to blogging, so I’ll stop at just the out-of-left-field-moving-across-the-country news.  BUT I will tease you and say that I’m going to share some pics of the new place soon! Maybe this week or maybe next Monday… depends on how upside down my week gets.


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