Times of Disorder


I am an organized person.  A planned person.  One of my mottos is ‘Outer order contributes to inner calm’.  Although untidiness and disorder give me anxiety, I can usually get through a chaotic moment by, what else, planning my way through.  The key point here is that I can get through a chaotic moment.  A few hours of crazy or even a day of it don’t bother me a ton.

We’re in the throes, however, of a very disorderly and chaotic few weeks.  I shared with you guys last week that along with a nursery renovation, we’re also transforming our 3rd floor bonus space (which used to be Matt’s man cave) as well as creating custom built-in cabinetry in our living room and hopefully (finally) fixing the living room ceiling.

This all compounded into a few weeks for one big reason.  We’re getting all new carpet in the entire house (all three floors) next week.  After we decided to get all new carpet, we realized that this set off a chain of reactions.  Of course, we would want to paint anything that needs painted before the carpet goes in.  First it was just the 3rd floor and the baby’s room.  But then we knew there were other things on our list that should be done prior to getting new flooring.  Why would we wait to fix a ceiling (and then paint it) or finish a planned built-in (and then paint it) after getting brand new carpet?

Not only does the impending carpet lead us to a very compact to-do list, but it also means that when 70% of a house gets re-carpeted, all of that furniture needs to go somewhere. Currently, the only rooms on our top two floors that are NOT getting carpeted are my office and the bathroom.  So, all of the guest room furniture, the 3rd floor furniture and our master bedroom furniture is being relocated to my office.  That’s two beds, two headboards, three chests of drawers, an armoire, several end tables and countless other items.  Downstairs, our dining table, chairs, armoire, buffet, couch, coffee table, side tables, etc will all go into our entryway and our kitchen.

All of this brings two big facets to our disorder – all of the things that need to get done plus the relocation of 70% of our stuff.  I can’t access everything in my office, the entire house is littered with pending projects, and although I know that this will all be over and everything will be back in its rightful spot within two weeks, the meantime is just killing me.  We’re too deep in the depths of it to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Right now, I have no ‘outer order’ so my ‘inner calm’ is diminishing by the day.  Matt and I have to keep reminding each other that it won’t be long and that we’ll be back in order soon, and honestly, those reassurances are the only thing keeping me sane. The lesson here for an orderly soul like myself, is one of control.  Since controlling the mess is so out of my control, why stress over trying to control it all?

There are a few moments in life that have taught me to be a little less uptight, and I’m going to take a deep breath and count this as one of those moments.  There are some times that I can plan my way through a messy moment and there are other times when I need to rise above and ignore the disorder.  I suppose sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

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