Toddler Girl Fall Wardrobe

Wow.  It’s been some time, huh? I’ve been meaning to do a post about life and about my job and why in the world we moved to New York and about how it’s all going.  Instead, however, I’ve just been…well… living! Instead of spending hours each weekend photographing and prepping posts, I go to the park, the playground, explore my neighborhood, and (shocker) relax.

More on that later.  I was asked by several people on instagram (follow at @earnesthomeco_) to give more details on the little fall collection that I created for Maeve.

As with any toddler, they grow.  I try to hold on to anything that fits, but with the seasonal shift and with the growing each season requires almost a full reboot.  This fall, I bought everything in a weekend, so I could be very purposeful about how each piece went with the rest and could be worn.  I maybe got a little carried away on some things (the wool ruffled shorts!), but for the most part, I specifically bought things to be worn with multiple pieces.

I also specifically chose things that could be layered so that these items could be worn from fall all of the way through next spring.  I think that with the palette I chose, as long as these things fit they could be worn for the next 6 months at least.

The Palette

Let’s go through all of the pieces!

Sweatshirts & Sweaters:  I got four different sweatshirts.  Last year I had just one and it was on repeat, so I bumped up the number this year.  They’re all a little girly which I like because sweatshirts have an inherently masculine look.  The ease of throwing on a cute sweatshirt with a patterned pair of leggings makes mornings seamless.  Or they can be dressed up by popping over a dress.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4 sold out

Shirts:  I have 5 long sleeved shirts and one tee.  This is mostly because a few tees from summer still fit, although they aren’t pictured here.

I stuck with the palette and tried to inject some patterns that could be worn with solids or with other patterns. These tops were all fairly cheap (under $10) with the exception of the chambray ruffle shirt which was still just $14.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

Pants: The same color palette carries into the pants.  Actually, I’ve used some of the same exact patterns.  I loved the little wheat and pink floral pattern from Uniqlo and it goes with so many other things – larger patterns, under dresses, and with a fur vest (heart eyes!).  The Uniqlo stuff runs a tad large.  I got Maeve 18m-24m sized things and she has plenty of room to grow.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5

Dresses & Skirts: Both dresses and skirts are so versatile.  You can pop a shirt over top of a dress and it’s a skirt.  You can put leggings underneath for a different look than tights or bare legs.  Any shirt worn with this corduroy dress would give it a varied look. I love the ruffled chambray under it!  Also, can we talk about how cute the paper-bag waist is on this skirt?

1  |  2  |  3  |  4

These shorts from Zara were totally an impulse purchase.  I think they could be worn with a few things, however. With bare legs during the warmer months and with tights during the cooler ones.  With a sweater or tee, I think they were worth the $29 splurge!

Jackets & Vests: Lastly are the layers.  Although I haven’t yet bought a winter coat, I usually go as long as I can with just layers. I like to top a vest onto a long-sleeved shirt or even over top of a jacket for more warmth.

1  |  2  |  3

Although I’ve counted no less than 45 outfits that can be made with these pieces, I still wanted to show you all some of the cute combinations.  Layering patterns and textures is what gives each outfit more interest.

Outfit #1:  Chambray Shirt, Furry Vest, Wool Shorts

Outfit #2: Floral Tee, (another) Furry Vest, Gathered Skirt

Outfit #3: Ruffled Sweatshirt, Dot Pants

Outfit #4: Ruffled Sweater, Jersey Dress

Outfit #5: Floral Shirt, Corduroy Jumper

Outfit #6: Jersey Dress, Leggings, Fuzzy Vest

So there you have it!  Our fall looks and pieces we’ll use to create them.  I hope you can find a few ideas for your cooler weather months that will make creating outfits a bit more enjoyable… because each morning with a toddler could use it!

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