Toning it Down

In trend reports and design forecasts, pastels are slated to be big for 2012. Since we’re coming off of a few years of brights, jewel tones, and neons (and I’m sure we have a ton of these colors gracing our homes and closets), I think mixing in some pastels and toned down hues is so pretty.

I love the incorporation of pastels with brights in these spaces!  You don’t have to get rid of the bright accessories you’ve been buying these last few years and replace everything with a pastel. A little mix and matching not only gets the trend across just beautifully, but actually makes the pastel stand out.

photo credit: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


How are you feeling about this pretty pastel trend? How do you think you’ll incorporate it into your home?

Have a FABULOUS Thursday!

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