Top Seven Non Ugly Ceiling Fans

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(photo + fan: Modern Fan)

Ceiling fans are the worst.  I have always hated them and up until this week, thought I always would.  When we moved into this house in 2007, I scoured the web for something that wasn’t hideous and ended up realizing that good-looking ceiling fans just didn’t exist.  There were companies trying to make better looking ones, but their better looking versions always ended up looking like spaceships.. so modern that they kind of missed the mark.

When this summer rolled around and we realized that we needed to replace our kitchen ceiling fan, I really really did some hardcore searching this time for the most non-ugly ceiling fans out there. I wasn’t going to settle for something that didn’t bring some sense of style into my house.  I realized pretty quickly, that there were a lot of good looking fans out there, but it was the lights that really either elevated the style or tanked it.  Some fans looked super modern until the light kit was added and then it all went downhill.

I found some fans that actually added something to the room rather than just sucking all of the beauty right out.  After I narrowed it down to seven of my favorites I let Matt weigh in.  Which one do you think we chose?


ceiling fans

no. 1 Fanimation Zonix $334, no. 2 Casablanca Bullet $469, no. 3 Allen + Roth Victoria Harbor $199, no. 4 Home Decorators Collection Weathered Gray $239, no. 5 Progress Lighting North Park $214, no. 6 Home Decorators Collection Merwry $119, no. 7 Casablanca Caneel Bay $509.

If you guessed number three, then you’re right!  The price was right – just under $200 and it had a good light on it.  Win-win.  It’s just the first of a couple changes I have planned for the kitchen.  I’ll plan on giving you guys a peek at the progress next week!

Have a wonderful (and breezy!) Tuesday!

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