Transformation: Patio Plans

Patio 'Before'

So, I’m going to embarrass myself here for a post and show you my pretty terrible patio.  Dressed up with a nice table and chairs, a colorful umbrella, and some planters, it isn’t quite as noticeable how nondescript, plain, and concrete-y this outdoor space is. In reality, however, with colorful, seasonal accessories stripped off for winter, it’s pretty bad.

This year, that’s all going to change.

We went to a party last fall at a friend’s house who had recently built a new paver patio and I think that was the straw that broke our backs.  While something contemporary like pavers doesn’t quite work with our turn of the century farm house, I knew what would… flagstone.

dining area


ONE Flagstones in french vanilla color from MS International, TWO Tarno folding cafe chair from Ikea, THREE rattan french cafe chair from TK Collections. FOUR inspiration patio from Green Wedding Shoes.

This photo really jumped out at me as a feeling we could capture. mostly because I love the idea of keeping a dining area organic, natural and consistent with the age of the house.  I would definitely put the flagstones closer together (wobbly chairs are my nemesis), but love the neutral grey/beige that almost looks like aged wood. Mostly folding cafe chairs with a couple soft rattan chairs are perfect to quickly move into the garage for the very regular midwest summer storms and look darling together.

fire pit seating


ONE Hampton Bay ‘Fenton’ seating set from the Home Depot TWO stone fire pit kit also from the Home Depot. THREE Inspiration photo from Dirt Simple

A separate seating area with a firepit is also planned to make an appearance.  In my head, this will also be flagstone (not gravel like in my inspiration picture), but will be a place for us to sit after work, have a glass of wine, and throw the ball for the dog.  We currently do this, we just sit in adirondack chairs placed in the middle of the yard!

The thing that pushed this whole idea forward wasn’t just a case of keeping up with the Jones’s, but the Home Depot has invited me back this spring to participate in another Style Challenge!  If you missed the Holiday Challenge, check it out here, but basically they give me an item to work with, then I have to plan my whole design around that item and submit a post revolving around my decor.

For this Style Challenge, they’re gifting me the Fenton set which I’ll then build my entire firepit area around.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and has certainly given me the kick in the buns I need to get going on my patio!  We’ll keep you up to date on how things go, so I hope you’ll join us for the adventure!


Have a BRIGHT Monday, guys (spring is right around the corner)!


p.s. Want to see more of my patio inspiration?  Check out my Patio board on Pinterest!

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