Tray Chic Coffee Bar

tray chic coffee station

Raise your hand if you like coffee.  Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever been staying out of town with friends or family and you wake up and there is no coffee to be seen and you feel like such a creep poking around in their cupboards looking for some of the liquid gold trying not to make any noise? Yes, it’s happened to me too.

It is for this very reason that I make up a little coffee tray when I have visitors. Not only is everything in one focal area, but also people don’t have to sneak into my fridge wondering if I have milk or cream or sugar or whathaveyou.  There are two big reasons why I think making a coffee tray is a brilliant idea. 



Firstly, you already have all of these things.  This is no trouble at all, there is nothing fancy involved, just a tray, a stack of cups and the coffee essentials (cream, sugar, coffee). And second, look at what a difference it makes to do something as simple as presenting all of the coffee necessities together?  How lucky and loved will your guests feel?  Exactly. And there are tons of trays out there to choose from… shoot, you probably have one at home too.

Bar trays have been big on the line lately, but usually they’re styled to the max and aren’t really screaming “use me!!”, which is sad, because what is entertaining and hostessing if you aren’t making everyone that steps inside of your house feel like the most welcome and appreciated of friends?  Hosting guests in your home should be comfortable for them and you, and doesn’t have to be a styled masterpiece.



Next time you host overnight or AM visitors, think about corralling your coffee on a chic tray and showing off your (super simple) hostess skills.  I rounded up a few of my favorite trays as well to help you get on your way to a simple and sweet coffee bar!


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