Treat Yourself: A Marble Must

Treat Yourself - Marble Board

It’s the second in a new column – Treat Yourself – where I rationalize things I love and why I also think you should have them. These are ALL things that I personally own and have vetted.

This one might not seem like a ‘must have’ at first, but hear me out. This amazingly large marble pastry slab is my go-to piece for lots of reasons.  When it comes to entertaining, This makes an amazing cheese board that spans the length of my butcher block.  It holds all the apps, cheeses, nuts, fruits, and charcuterie I could want.  When it comes to rolling dough (usually for homemade pizza) this board keeps the dough cool and prevents it from getting sticky.

But, my biggest use of this slab is for styling.  Yes, for photos you see on this blog, for photos I do for other websites, for anything, really.  I love pulling this piece of marble out to be the beautiful, clean background for lots of photos.

Here is the funny part… I went to a large corporate photoshoot recently where they spent hundreds of dollars on a slab just about this size from a granite retailer.  My slab cost just $49 from Crate & Barrel.  It’s about 24″ x 16″ in size, so it’s substantial, and rings in at under $50.

So, whether you’re a baker, an entertainer, or even a blogger, this is a steal! It’s top on my list of things you need if you want to treat yourself this May weekend.

Have a great Thursday, guys!

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