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pretty scissors

Happy Wednesday guys! Welcome to ‘Treat Yourself’ a little column where I rationalize fun little purchases.  This happens for one of two reasons, because I’m trying to rationalize the purchase for myself, or because I’ve purchased one of these things, realized multiple uses and think you should know.

When it comes to herb scissors, I own a pair that I bought last year on a whim but have come to love and appreciate in more ways than I originally thought.  When I got my pair, I didn’t have a plan for them other to look pretty for photo styling, but since then, I use them for everything! The super sharp, pointy blades are great for getting into small spaces and snipping mini things – which happens way more than you think.

I keep a set in my closet for all sorts of trimming needs.  I find myself reaching for these little guys when I need a sharp point, because big scissors just don’t cut it (haha).

Do you have some? Any fun uses that you’ve discovered?



*Scissors shown above are from Brook Farm General Store for a cool $12.