Trend Right Outfits to Wear During a Winter Pregnancy

Wow, guys. It’s been some time, hasn’t it? I haven’t posted here in well over a year and a lot has changed. Not only do we have a new baby coming, but we’ve moved back to Ohio from Brookyln, endured a global pandemic, and started to build a new home. Less important, but still a change is the entire backend of my blog which is now a completely new format – so that is something new to learn.

Although I know you mostly come here for decor and design related content, our house build has had an extremely slow start (due to aforementioned pandemic), so we aren’t exactly trying to make updates to our current house when we won’t be here for too much longer. I promise you that house content will be coming soon though… hang in there with me!

For now, I will be sharing maternity related fashion capsules. Why? Well, because finding decent outfit ideas that don’t look they’re from 15 years ago is tough. So much of the bump fashion is either very old or just not practical. These will be the outfits I wear everyday – so keep in mind a few things. I work in a casual environment in the fashion industry. Some things I may be able to get away with, but they won’t fly in your office. I am also working from home right now (again, pandemic) but I don’t wear athleisure at all during work. Wearing real clothes helps me to stay in a more professional mindset. That is my tip for WFH pregnant or not!

Ok, onto the clothes. I went on at length in my instagram stories about the specific maternity pieces that I’ve purchased. These are meant to be the basic building blocks of outfits, or just easy throw on things. I wear these maternity pieces with a lot of clothes from my regular non-pregnancy wardrobe, and I’ll be showing you over the next month or so how to do the same.

layerings tanks | henley | chunky sweater | henley dress | jumpsuit | wrap dress | black jeans | straight leg jeans | olive moto | basic skinny jeans

Some of the things I wear are sold out or are from my first pregnancy, but I’ll give alternates for those things!

This may not seem like a lot (it’s not) but we only have about another month or so of inclimate weather here in Ohio, so I am just looking ahead a few weeks at a time and giving myself room to add some more pieces as the weather improves.

Outfit #1 Flannel shirt jackets are everywhere right now and this is such an easy trend to wear while pregnant. In the first outfit, I have paired destroy black jeans with a maternity white henley and an open boxy flannel. Combat boots make the whole look all the more trend right. If you don’t have a pair of combat boots in your closet, you need some! These Vince boots are flattering! Just the right mix of edgy without being clunky.

Outfit #2 – I actually didn’t wear these outfits on consecutive days, but the show up here side by side, so we’ll just continue ways to wear your combat boots and black jeans. I paired the edgy combo with a regular non-maternity graphic tee and a long duster sweater.

Outfit #3 – I love wearing sweater dresses and most of the midi-length types out there still fit great while pregnant. I wear this oversized sweater dress from Korea as much as possible. Sometimes with sleek black boots and tights, but this week, I just paired with some funkier snake booties. The exact dress I have only comes in one-size, but it’s pretty roomy on me still (I’m about 5’4″ and 115 pre-preg). Here is another option which comes in sizes!

Outfit #4 – Although I certainly need maternity pants, I wore a non-maternity black tunic sized up this week overtop of a striped long-sleeve shirt. I wore these with the olive pants and a neckerchief for fun.

Outfit #5 – I love a great chunky sweater. While I have a ton which are non-maternity, this one was a really beautiful addition to my wardrobe. I likely would have bought this cream cable turtleneck sweater if I wasn’t pregnant too… the fit is great, I love the stepped hem and the quality is wonderful. Paired with basic jeans and warmer-than-ever sherling boots, this is a perfect February outfit to look on-trend, but cozy.

Whew… that is all for today, but each weekend I’ll return and update you on the weeks’ outfits and what makes them special. I’ll do these for about a month so that you can see a good month worth of colder weather outfits and then we’ll start turning our sights to warmer weather to come.

I’d love to hear your feedback as well!

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