Try This at Home: Milk Glass Bottles and Vases

Milk glass originated in Venice in the 16th century and has been popular ever since that time, but you don’t have to go scouring antique shops, or pay for reproduction pieces.  Inspired by an article in Canadian House & Home magazine, I decided this week to make milk glass myself at home.  It was fun, easy, and looks beautiful!

Best of all, you can pick your own shades, and use bottles from around the house.  From the bottles in the photo above, one was from olive oil, one from some sparkling water, and another from honey.  Just make sure you wash and rinse very well!

A tutorial will go up later this week – as I didn’t realize until this morning that I didn’t have my memory card in for the photo shoot…

Although you can’t use them for food or beverage, these glass jars are just as pretty on their own as they are with flowers. There are so many different colors you could use that would be really beautiful! I stuck with light robin’s egg blue because it has such a pretty, vintage, feminine look.  What color would you use?

If you don’t think this project is up your alley, you can purchase my duplicate set from ETSY, but if you’re willing to give it a go, look for the full tutorial coming soon!

Do you guys like them?  Think you’ll give it a try?

Have a SPECTACULAR Wednesday!

p.s. don’t judge the crazy paint all over my windowsill… I realized after looking at these photos that it looks really bad!  To my defense, it was not me who did it, but an old roommate of my husbands.  I’ve been trying to get around to all the woodwork with a heat gun, removed the 100 years of paint and reprime/paint. It clearly hasn’t happened yet!

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