try this at home: overhead light update

It is Monday already!  I’m still giddy over one of the little projects I tackled this weekend.  Although my office remodel is top on my list right now, my guest room is also in need of some serious attention.  While I was supposed to be out grocery shopping, I dipped into West Elm yesterday to see what I could find for myself and I lucked out!  I found a black linen square drum lamp shade for only $5!!  What a steal!  It was a floor model, so there was a little fading on one corner, but with the plans I had, I could work around the flaw.


My plan was to replace the  ‘boob light’ that still plagues the ceiling in my guest bedroom with this large, dramatic shade.  After reading about the crime of boob lights on Mod Nest, I’ve been bound and determined to do something about that fixture.

After a few trips to Lowes, I successfully replaced the offending light with my five dollar prize.  All it took was some lamp hardware, and a piece of faux frosted glass which I made quickly by sanding one side of a piece of plexi-glass.

It was such a quick, easy project that anybody could accomplish.  It took about 45 minutes and there was no need to touch any electrical work.  Head on over to my How To’s page to learn how I did it!

Have a wonderful week!!

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