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A few weeks ago on a plane I was vigorously going through a pile of magazines that had stacked up.  They’re mostly Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and House Beautiful, but I have some Vogue and InStyle thrown in there because I do work in the fashion industry and try to stay in the loop in that regards too.

It’s funny, though, because as I’m flipping through InStyle, what page do I pull out?  Not an outfit, or a handbag, but a DIY makeup holder blurp by Sabrina Soto.  I tucked it in my ‘articles to keep’ folder and was excited to get home and make it!  Her version was pretty simple, and easy- just drill some holes into a piece of craft wood and done!  I loved the simplicity, but wanted to add a little ‘wow’ to my version.

I walked into Home Depot and asked if they had any scrap pieces, which they gave to me for free! A little left-over stain, and some decorative brass ‘L’ brackets did the trick just perfectly!

I like my newest little DIY! It’s a little girlier than usual, but like I said yesterday, that is ok! I hope you enjoy and will try yourself!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!