Try This at Home: Stacked Pumpkin Fall Decor

I don’t want to harp on the seasonality of pumpkins, but it is still a BIT to early to have a carved one outdoors without it rotting by Halloween.  Instead of going that route quite yet, I opted for faux pumpkins for this little project. 

When I say ‘little’, I mean it.  This took me all of 10 minutes to assemble once the first step was complete (I filled the bottom pumpkin with quikrete concrete to give it some weight). 

You can see the full tutorial HERE and see what I mean… super quick and easy…

In fact – I set aside a whole evening to do this.  Poured myself a little glass of wine, put on some music… I was anticipating this to take the evening. Then it was over. In just minutes. Kind of anticlimactic, but nice also because then I got to read my book, which I’m loving.

If you try it (and you should) be sure to email it to me and I’ll share on the House of Earnest Facebook page! Have a FESTIVE Tuesday!

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