Turn Dinner into an Event

brass accents Make it a Party with Brass

This time of year always brings unexpected pop-up parties and dinners – and it’s easy to be prepared! A few added touches can easily switch any regular dinner (regardless of what’s on the menu) into a party you’ll be happy to host.

Repeating any one accent automatically creates a great flow and holds the entire dinner together.  When I shop, I always shop for similar type serving pieces (all brass metallic, wood, or white) so that, regardless of what I pull out of my cabinets, it all goes together.

reoccurring brass accents brass accents - holiday entertaining

Keep reading for my top tips to turn any dinner into an event! 

1.  Candlelight and flowers are cliches for a reason… because they work.  Add a little dim lights and some natural floral elements and your job is already half done.

2. Carry your style accent throughout the dinner.  Brass accents here are in the flatware, the candlesticks, the napkin rings, and the decanters. This little trick means that the whole dinner seems more cohesive.  It’s one of those things that leaves guests feeling welcomed and cozy – even if they can’t quite put their finger on why.  I just ran through Target (because when am I not there on the weekend) and was swooning over a couple of these brass elements when they jumped into my cart.

3. Wrap your napkins!  It’s super simple, can be done with anything from a piece of twine to a proper napkin ring, but using linens and wrapping them up neat says, “I was expecting you!”.

4. Put store-bought items into pretty serving pieces.  I love using decorative decanters because it hides the clutter of labels from bottles and packages.  Also, if I’m serving an inexpensive (but delicious) table wine, folks won’t get hung up on the label, but will just focus on the flavor!

brass accents for entertaining

They’re really just a few small moves that can make a world of a difference. I love the idea of carrying the brass accents throughout a dinner for an added metallic accents, and think it’s the perfect way to take any dinner from a regular get-together to an event!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


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