Tutorial: Fur Pom Hat

fur pom hat diy

Over my winter break, I did a fair amount of thinking about the DIYs that I post here on House of Earnest (soon to be something else!).  I determined that I hate the idea of making things for the sake of a post. Although I really love just making something creative for the hell of it, it doesn’t seem like a great use of resources or time. I decided that going forward (because there will, of course, be DIYs going forward) the projects and tutorials I share will be for one of two reasons.  Either because it’s something I really want/need on my body or in my house, or because it’s a new skill or technique that I’m trying to explore. I’m trying to be mindful of living simply and getting rid of superfluous *stuff*, so the DIYs will follow suit.

Today’s project is a perfect example of creating to fill a need.  I bought this slouchy hat a while ago, but it didn’t quite ‘slouch’ on me and always looked like a dunce hat or something from the movie Elf.  I needed to add some weight to the top of the hat to get it to lay properly. I had a bit of fur left over from the throw I made last month, so I decided to take action and make this hat work for me!





Making fur poms is just too easy not to put them on everything you own, let’s get going on this simple tutorial!   DSC_8741_1


pom hat step 0

pom hat step 1

pom hat step 2

pom hat step 3

pom hat step 4

pom hat step 5

It’s as simple as making a loose stitch around a circle of fur, stuffing it with polyfill, then cinching it together.  You can sew two big stitches in the shape of an X securing the cinched opening together tighter at the end if you’d like. I felt like this made the opening tighter. I sewed the pom to the hat and knotted it on the inside of the hat.



I am so excited that I now have something that I’ll wear a whole lot more and just using materials that I had! Those are the best projects, aren’t they?


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