Vintage Hotdog Roast {Part One}

It’s been a crazy week, and I have a lot going on, but I cannot overlook the fact that this weekend is my husband’s birthday! He doesn’t like a lot of attention surrounding his birthday, but I like to throw parties, so I do it anyway!

During my crazy 6 hour flight delay in New York on Tuesday, I had plenty of time to brainstorm about the party.  I knew that it was going to be an outdoor, wiener roast with a vintage flair and I had already sent out the invites.


After designing and sending the invites, my framework for the rest of the party began to take shape. It is a ‘wiener’ theme and we are having a full wiener bar complete with regular hotdogs, 4 other varieties of flavored sausages, and all the toppings! I am going to make little signs with suggested combinations for hot dog toppings as well… to be designed… but I am thinking about options like the chicago dog, the pretty lady (nacho cheese and crunched up potato chips) along with others – Any suggestions?

Toppings with be designated with cute wooden spoons stamped with rubber stamps.

Red and White would be the main colors with accents of green and natural brown papers and woods.  The details include some small paper party cups, swirly white and red cupcake liners (for my husbands favorite funfetti cupcakes), disposable bamboo cutlery, red disposable cotton napkins, and some fun washi tape for dressing up all sorts of things.

About those funfetti cupcakes – I wanted to give friends an option to take theirs home, since everyone loves cupcakes, but sometimes you’re just too full for dessert.  Little cupcake boxes are just $0.40, and tied up with some bakery twine and a disposable spork, these little treats will be so appealing, they probably won’t make it home before being devoured.

Throw in some vintage beer and soda with a ton of friends and a big bonfire, and I think we’ll have a party!


*all photos by erin of House of Earnest except for the first mood board from the slightly obsessive bride, and the last pic from boylan bottling co.

I am super excited!  It might be a bit of a fuss for my super laid back husband, but he deserves something fun and I think it is going to be wonderful!

Any thoughts on the hotdog topping combinations? Do you have a favorite you would like to share?

Have an AWESOME Thursday – stop by next week for the “Part Two” and to see actual photos from the party!

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