Vintage Oil Painting with Humor

vintage framed oil painting

I had a painting commissioned a few years ago for Matt’s birthday to celebrate his two favorite dogs, our Miniature Schnauzer, Perry, and our (now passed) English Mastiff, Zeus.  I thought it would be hilarious to have a very serious historic painting rendered with the faces of our two furry children.

The painting sat, rolled in a tube, for a few years because I had no clue how to handle an unwrapped canvas. Then came a long an opportunity for me to test out the custom framing at my local Michaels store.  I jumped at the opportunity to have my painting framed.  I’d always envisioned it to have a very traditional, almost vintage treatment to go along with the style of the painting (minus the two animals).

custom framed oil painting

michaels framed oil painting

I was really happy with how the framing turned out.  I would have never thought to do an inner and outer frame with the matting in between, but it was suggested by Rob (my friendly neighborhood framing expert at Michaels) and I love the double strips of gold.

Soon, I’ll have the absolute perfect spot to feature such an ironic work of art.  We’ve got changes in the Souder house coming down the pipeline that will make a lovely home for this piece.

Do you love the juxtaposition of serious and humorous? I understand it’s not for everyone!

disclosure: I am being gifted the frame mentioned by the lovely people at Michaels for my honest feedback on their framing service. All expressed opinions are my own.

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