Watercolor Art without Paint

watercolor art

This week marks my fourth wedding anniversary and although the traditional fourth year gift is flowers, I decided to make a little customized watercolor art.  We hardly ever buy each other real gifts but instead do a nice dinner together or go on a trip, so small little tidbits are more my style.

This watercolor quotation art doesn’t require any actual watercolors, which is why it’s so easy for anyone to do! It uses a bit of a trick that I borrowed from technology which makes it all the more foolproof!

quote art watercolor homemade quote art

Get your iPhones and home printers geared up for this Tuesday tutorial!


  • Plain computer paper
  • Basic Markers
  • iPhone app Waterlogue
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Home Printer

watercolor words

ONE draw your quote onto plain white paper using a marker.  TWO snap a photo of your drawing with the app Waterlogue, then transform your photo into a watercolor masterpiece. THREE print the photo out onto watercolor paper and frame!

quotation art watercolor

You can choose any quote you’d like, even really simple drawings turn out really cute… I drew this heart and look how darling it looks!

hearts watercolor

There is literally nothing you can do to mess this up.  Just give it a quick print on regular paper before stocking the printer with watercolor paper to get appropriate alignment, but it’s pretty foolproof.

What way could you use this tool to DIY some art you’ve been eyeing?

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