Watercolor Ombre Cake

ombre watercolor cake

I know it might be a little taboo to say that I love something that I’ve done, but I can’t help myself here.  I LOVE this ombre cake.  Everyone who has come to my house in the last 24 hours has gotten the pleasure of me pulling this cake out of the fridge to show it off.  Up until this point, I haven’t been able to cut it, but I love cake for breakfast, so this morning might just be the morning to dismantle the masterpiece.

watercolor ombre cake diptych

fondant workflow

My history with fondant was a little rocky.  I’d never actually decorated a cake with it, but it was much easier than people have let on.

(side note, my rocky experience was that I did make fondant from scratch one time in college during a food chemistry lab and it was sheer torture, so after the fondant was made, I was so sick of dealing with it that I threw the whole ball away.  Don’t try it, I beg of you.  Just buy it.)

When it comes to covering the cake with fondant, it was actually quite easy: ONE roll out the fondant to about one eighth inch thickness using powdered sugar to keep the fondant from sticking to the rolling pin. TWO loosely roll the fondant up on the pin to carefully unroll it over the top of your cake. THREE very gently smooth the edges of the fondant.  Your hands’ heat will help to relax and smooth the fondant. FOUR cut around the base of our cake with a sharp knife.

Now that you have a fondant covered cake, you’re ready to ombre!  Keep reading for the watercolor cake how-to!

water color cake step 1

I used icing dye by Wilton icing coloring in the ‘rose’ color.  I just barely dipped my clean paint brush into the dye and the diluted it in water. You can use the fondant scraps to test the color prior to painting on the cake.  I started with the most diluted color and the top, and then worked my way down with less and less diluted coloring.

painted cake - 2

painted cake - 3

If there is any mess- up, you can just stick your brush into the water and lightly even out the dye. It was quite easy!

I wanted to try some watercolor flowers, but I’m not a great painter, so I’d love to see what other watercolor inspired motifs you guys could come up with!  Any ideas?

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