Waxed Paper Transfer Towel


It might be the week of Christmas, but we’re not slowing down quite yet (we’re saving that for Wednesday).  Just in time for the weeks’ festivities, we’ve made a few custom tea towels to bring to the people in our family who are hosting the holiday as a sweet little hostess gift.

I decided on using the ‘Joyeux Noel’ simply because I was listening to my french lesson yesterday and was inspired to use the phrase somewhere.  I surrounded both the monogram and the Joyeux Noel with some laurel leaves to give them a festive feel.  I used the same monogram on my custom printed napkins as well!



These towels are super super simple and just use wax paper as a way to transfer the ink onto the plain muslin towels – there is no special iron-on material or anything like that.  I have the graphics and all letters of the alphabet for you to download for the project too! Here is the easy tutorial! 

If you have any plain towels around, use those, or you can just pick up a cheap pack.  I got these from Walmart for $2.00.  Plain flour-sack or cotton towels would also work wonderfully, I would just make sure that whatever towel you use is white or cream and is 100% cotton. You’ll need some plain waxed paper cut to letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″) OR I used a sheet of shipping labels with the labels removed, so I just had a waxed paper left over.  You’ll also need an iron.

They will fade a bit when washed, but I don’t have a problem if that since they’re already a bit of a weathered look.  If you want to ensure the towels are washable for many uses, soak them in this solution, then dry completely before doing the transfer:

  • 2 tablespoons Alum
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons Washing Soda (NOT the same as baking soda. You can find it at Walmart)
  • 1/2  teaspoon Fabric softener
  • 1 cup VERY HOT water

I have my graphics for you to use as well!  Download the graphics HERE!

transfer towels materials wax paper transfer

ONE Print the monogram or joyeux noel graphic onto the waxed paper with a standard ink jet printer. Don’t let the print sit for too long or else the ink will dry out, so be totally ready to transfer as soon as it pops out of the printer. TWO carefully place the print-out ink-side down on the blank towel. Be very very careful not to move it at all once it’s placed and hold it in place very securely. You basically have liquid ink just suspended onto the waxed paper and it will smear off on anything it touches.  using a scraper or a credit card, firmly ‘squeegee’ the back of the waxed paper so that the ink transfers off onto the towel. THREE give the ink about 5 minutes to dry, then press it with a hot iron without steam to set the ink.

That’s all!  If you have any scrap fabric, you might want to do a trial to get a feel for how the ink transfers before working on the towels.

I like the rustic look of the towels, but with the monogram and the laurel leaves, they still feel modern and cool.

Enjoy this project, if you’re hanging out all week with family, it might be a really fun thing to get the girls together and do!

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