Weekend Flower Arrangements

casket floral

When I started doing floral arrangements, I never thought I’d do a funeral. Firstly, I’m not a real florist.  I do it for fun and mostly just for weddings and parties. When Matt came home on Friday, he told me that he’d told the funeral director I’d be doing the flowers (which was news to me) but I was a little nervous to be taking on such an undertaking in such a short amount of time, but happy to have the opportunity to do what I could for a wonderful woman.

So, although I wish I had something more glamorous to report today, this is actually how I spent my weekend.

We’ve had enough funerals in our lives that I’ve learned the only thing I can do is be of service and do whatever I can to ease the pain of those who I love. On this occasion, the service is luckily something I love doing, which is a wonderful thing… to have your passion coincide with the needs of others.



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