Weekend Inspiration: Spring is Around the Corner

I have a serious case of Spring Fever. I’m trying not to just jump into spring too quickly, though. Sure enough, as soon as I drag out my patio furniture and de-winterize my house, we’ll get another dose of snow.

Instead, I think I will start with some transitional pieces that can quickly be pulled into the garage in case of a March blizzard.  A couple chairs and a little side table will do.  We can sit outside on a morning or afternoon with a cup of coffee, and I’ll wrap up in this amazing alpaca blanket that has alpacas ON it!  But no patio furniture commitment…yet.

Are you itching to get out of the house and do some spring projects?

What will you work on first?

Let me know in the comments section what you have on your spring decor agenda!

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!  I’m going to be working on the dip dye project and will post pictures of that Sunday or Monday.  I hope to get an etsy store up and running with some creations soon and the dip dye furniture project may just be my first go at it!

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