Weekend Wear: Off the Shoulder for Spring

early spring off the shoulder

About a month ago, I posted my first ever fashion related post here on Earnest Home and I got really wonderful feedback and encouragement from you guys!  I’m continuing with a post here and there (about once each month) to share some of the outfits I put together for the weekend.

Working from home can mean that I tend to wear the same army green chinos and gray graphic T every day, so on the weekends, I try to dig into my closet a little more and get creative.  My weekend outings are usually for a brunch out with friends or happy hour, so they’re not super fancy, but I still love to see what I haven’t worn in a while or take something new on a little test run.  In this case, this off-the-shoulder dress is something I bought in the dead of winter to cheer myself up that spring would indeed come and I would indeed be warm again…at some point.



This past weekend, we had 70 degree, sunny weather which felt like an amazing time to bust out the dress that had been taunting me from it’s hanger with it’s tag still attached.  Since it is still March, however, I didn’t want to go into full on summer mode and felt like I could easily create a look that still worked for early spring.

Instead of a sandal (which felt too summery) or a flat (which felt too leg-bare) I opted for tall camel colored boots.  The boots worked to both cover my winter pastiness and the leather also helped to ground a flowy dress.  Paired with one of my all-time-favorite long statement necklaces (which can actually be worn short, medium, OR long) I felt like I struck a good balance between the cooler weather of March and the really warm days we have coming down the line.




The dress (although NOT a maternity dress) fit my 18 week bump well, but certainly didn’t accentuate it. I think I’ll be able to get away with this dress for a good portion of the summer – so long as my expanding belly doesn’t make it too short.

And… can we talk about the off-the-shoulder movement that’s going on?  My insta feed has been booming with really adorable OTS styles and I couldn’t wait to rock this dress… Which leads me to two things.  First.  You guys may know that Instagram is changing their algorithm.  They’re changing to be more like Facebook where the photos you see won’t be the most current, they’ll be the ones that the Instagram computer thinks you want to see the most.  Don’t get me started on it…

So, in short, if you want to continue to see more of what I post on IG, you’ve got to do a few things – First ENGAGE! The more you like and comment, the more my stuff will naturally show up in your feed.  The Instagram robot will think you’re enjoying what I’m putting out and show you more of it.  Second NOTIFY! You can click on ‘notifications’ by going to any of my photos (like this one) and clicking on those three gray dots in the lower right-hand corner.  Click on ‘Turn on Post Notifications’ and you’ll be included whenever I post.

Sorry for that tangent, let’s get back to the outfit!  You can shop the whole post including my exact dress, necklace and bag (which I’ve pretty much carried everywhere for the past 8 years) right here! I’ll also be showcasing this dress (just via Instagram) next month to show you my ‘summer’ spin on it while we’re on our Babymoon!

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p.s. I forgot my sunglasses this day and it’s shocking how hard it is to get a good picture without sunnies where I’m not scowling or concentrating on not falling.  Just saying… I now know why fashion bloggers wear them all the time!

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