Weekend Yardsale-ing and My $25 Surprise

I certainly did not set out to be undertaking a major project this weekend.  I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for a business trip to New York for a few days, I am mid-birthday party planning for my husband’s birthday this weekend, and I have a few other projects that are in the home stretch.

Unfortunately or fortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

This seemingly dilapidated pile of purple velvet with wood trim had a $25 sticker on it. After going home and still thinking about the sofa, we went back for it.  I had plans to paint the wood white and upholster the body with a fun, modern print like this ikat from Madeline Weinrib.

 Or maybe one of these fun fabrics from my local fabric store:

We got home and I set out to do a quicky renovation (not restoration) but when I started pulling it apart, I found the insides were stuffed to the brim with horse hair, the joints were hand carved dowel construction, and there wasn’t one screw or bolt in the entire thing.

This sofa is a true antique, not a reproduction.   But then I was torn, I can’t paint a legit antique white, ruining it’s potential as a collectable piece.

Should I even use a trendy fabric on something that could be a collector’s item?

After mulling these questions over, and talking with my grandmother-in-law (who named the people who’d be rolling in their graves at my white paint idea), I decided to keep the sofa as true to it’s origins as possible.  I’m keeping the wood it’s original cherry finish. So I’m told, just a little denatured alcohol and some lemon oil will clean it right up.

 I’ve decided to do a white fabric since I won’t be painting the frame white.  A matelasse will be perfect.  It will look period appropriate, but I can still get a fresh pattern to liven it up.  I’m thinking one of these… but of the three I have TWO clear favorites.  Can you tell which ones?


What do you guys think?  Is it a good idea to keep it close to original?  Or do you think a paint job would have been better?  Let me know!


I’m off to NYC now,  have a FANTASTIC Monday to get this week off to a great start!

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