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I’ve been holding out on you all for so long, and now is finally the time to divulge all the details! I already dropped a total bomb on this post that House of Earnest and Grandiflora are both going away.  That freaked some people out and, to be quite honest, freaked me out too!

House of Earnest is where I got my start in the blogging world.  It was my first step into this wild wild ride and I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for it.  As I said, however, running two websites, two social media accounts, to email accounts, two or everything got very very consuming.  Originally, I wanted to keep the brands separate to give Grandiflora it’s own personality and room to grow, but the double work and the inability to really market myself under one brand was so hard.  It’s for that reason, I am so happy to announce that both brands will be merging under one namesake:  Earnest Home co. and all of my work will be in one place.

That’s not so scary is it?!  Here is what you can expect:

EarnestHomeco.com will be a website devoted to clean, classic, farmhouse inspired living and decor which will launch next Wednesday – January 21st!!  I’ll be taking the time off between now and then to make sure the transition is smooth, which means this is my last post on House of Earnest (tears).

On the new site, we’ll be sharing more of our lives here on the farm, more of the development, prototyping, and behind the scenes of our product line, and of course, lots of the same nuggets you’ve come to expect from me.

The blog will still exist (yay!) and you’ll be able to go to http://www.earnesthomeco.com/blog to read posts.  If you have any bookmarks, go ahead and update them now!  I’ll still post DIYs, but they’ll be more intentional and useful (not making ‘stuff’ for the sake of making stuff).  I’ll still blog about our parties, happy hours, and gatherings.  I’ll still post some decor, some recipes, and some of my totally random thoughts.  Even though the blog is moving, you guys will still have access to all of our archives and blog history, so don’t worry about that!

The shop will move over as well, but we’re going to focus a little more on making our products locally, and showing you guys the processes.  Designing for the shop is such a big part of what I do daily, that I want to share more of that with you guys.

So aside from the name changing and both brands moving under one roof, there are a few other things that will shift as well.  I have been mentioning in my past posts about simplifying and being authentic as primary goals for myself this year.  I suppose you could sum up my whole basket of goals into one word: Intention. I worked my little buns off last year to get a brand and a product line up and running and all of the crazy amount of work to just get all the wheels turning meant that I merely skimmed the surface of what I intend to put out there in the world – how I want to leave my mark, so to speak.

Based on this, I plan to head full force into cultivating the products I build, getting them into shops, and doing all of this while increasing the quality time I spending with my friends and family.  This means, I will pull back on blog frequency a little bit to save creative juice for the products and to give myself time to live a full and intentional life. I will probably be posting still between 3-4 times/week, so nothing crazy, just allowing more time for the shop. You’ll be able to sign up for email notifications of posts on the new site, and you can also sign up for the feed.  All of that information will be on our first post.  In the meantime, please sign up for our newsletter!  It will give you information on the launch, social media updates, bloglovin updates, and more when we launch the new site!

In the meantime here are some of the social updates:

Newsletter (updates on the site launch)

Facebook:  Earnest Home co  |  Twitter: EarnestHomeco  |  Pinterest: EarnestHomeco  |  Insta: coming soon  | Bloglovin: coming soon  |  RSS feed: coming soon 

Lastly, I cannot say THANK YOU enough for all of your support during this transition.  I still have a huge lump in my stomach (and may or may not be crying at this exact moment) knowing that today will be my last post on the site that started it all, but knowing that you all will be there on the other side, makes me excited for the adventure.  Thank you so much for your kind hearts, sweet comments, and loads of encouragement during this big change in my life.  I will see you all at Earnest Home co. next Wednesday the 21st!

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