What’s Your Vice?

This is a question that I ask because we all have them. For some they’re more apparent than others, some are quirks, and some just downright bad habits.

I’m always real good at noticing them in others (my husband, namely), but slow to point out my own.  I thought (especially since mine is very home related) to open up today and admit that I, Erin, leave half consumed cups of coffee everywhere.

My desk on Friday will be topped with five mugs, filled with varying degrees of dried up sludge.  My bedside table might have one or two, and to find one also lingering in the bathroom wouldn’t be unusual. It’s one of those things that I know I do, but I still do it.  Matt jokes about the absence of mugs in the cupboards, or asks how my science experiments are going.  I’m glad he’s kind about it, because I know it’s gross. It’s strange because I’m so particular about certain spots in the house – finding the white sink with food stuck to the side will stop me in my tracks for immediate cleaning, but I don’t blink an eye at my coffee cups.

Tell me, do you have a dirty little habit?  Something you know you do but, for whatever reason, continue?


Have a GREAT Monday out there, guys!

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*photo by Celine Steen on Flickr

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