What to Pack for the Hospital

what to pack for labor and delivery hospital bag

With as much advice I’ve received about what to take to the hospital and what to leave at home, I feel like an expert.  I know everyone has varying opinions (the mesh undies seem to be a polarizing subject) I can only share with you what I have packed and at the ready.  I’ll be sure to come back through after my experience and update with what I actually used and needed while staying in the hospital after labor and delivery.  Based on a few recommendations, I have one small bag for the actual labor, then have a separate bag for things I’ll need post-labor and all of Matt’s stuff for once I move into the recovery room.

First, let’s talk about what I’m taking for myself.

hospital bag packing - for mom

Nightgowns: Hospital gowns give me the creeps.  Maybe it’s the open back that bares what is seemingly the wrong side of you for pregnancy.  Basically you just have to take the thing off to nurse.  Regardless, I like the idea of wearing my own clothes much much better.  I’m packing two nursing nightgowns, one in black which is in my labor bag to wear during delivery (black won’t show the mess) and one in gray stripes to wear during my stay.  I also have a button-front woven nightshirt coming with me, also in black in case I get cold and want sleeves.

Undies (not shown):  I just bought a pack of cotton granny panties from Target.  If I hate the mesh underwear, I have a secure fall-back plan.   These are all in my post-labor bag.

Pads (not shown):  I brought my own because I am fairly sensitive about brand here.

Nursing Bras:  I am bringing two, one seamless and one front wrap style, both in my post labor bag.

Slippers: I despise socks and wear them only when humanly necessary (like skiing).  I don’t actually even wear socks with boots in the winter (I know, it’s not normal).  Regardless, sleeping socks and slipper socks are the worst kind of torture, so I’m bringing my own slippers. They have a hard sole for walking the halls and keep my feet warm.  I actually have these in my delivery bag… who knows if I’ll have to walk halls or not.

Toiletries:  During labor, I’ll have on hand lip balm & hair ties. Also, I can’t stand if my face feels dirty, so I’m bringing my favorite face wipes for before I can get up and wash myself.

Post labor, I am bringing my makeup essentials – bronzer, the best mascara that doesn’t run ever, and concealer.  I also have some travel sized versions of my favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a loofah, and my face wash.  I’m being high maintenance and bringing my own towel as well.  I’ve heard horror stores about hospital towels being the size of a hand towel.

Sweater:  Lots of people bring robes, but I have a long sweater which I wear over everything around the house in the winter.  I’m bringing it because I don’t live in an air conditioned climate and once I get into the AC, I get very very cold.  Plus, it’s that old sweater that is comforting and home-like for me.

Going-Home Outfit:  I am unsure how big/small/cut-up I may be, so I’ve opted for a non-pants solution to return home in.  This chambray dress is roomy, really soft, and isn’t formfitting, so it won’t show my aforementioned granny panties and overnight pad.

Not shown:  I also have a plethora of things that didn’t make the photo:  iPad, charger for my phone, small bluetooth speaker, lotion, A variety of snacks, and my labor and delivery binder which has: copies of my insurance card & birth plan, pediatrician information, hospital registration confirmation, and any other literature for the hospital.  Also, I have a carseat and a my nursing pillow (if needed) which will remain in the car.

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hospital bag what to pack for baby

I was most excited to put together a little selection of things the baby would need.

Clothes: I am having quite the sizable child (so the reports say), but still thought it wise to pack two outfits, one in 0-3m and one NB sized.  We don’t know the gender, so they’re gray and white! I also brought just a couple of random onesies (not pictured) because I’ve heard stories about babies pooping all over the one outfit someone brought.

Accessories: Aside from the base layer, I am bringing a cute hat, socks/booties and a warm sweater that was knit by my grandmother… I suppose in case the babe inherits my cold nature.

Other: For a possible circumcision (if it’s a boy) we have some natural petroleum jelly alternative.  I also am bringing a blanket which smells like home and pacifier (which is basically invisible in the above photo because it’s clear…).

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That is all I plan on bringing!  I am bringing a few frivolous items, but mostly packing light.  I have friends who are labor and delivery nurses and always crack up at the parents who bring giant suitcases, so I am trying to not be that girl!

Anything else you’d recommend that I forgot?

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