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Happy Tuesday, friends!  You may have seen another post up earlier this morning, but I really got in the mood to discuss books when I woke up, so I’m acting on this whim… I’ll post the original post next week!

I’m getting myself ready for the yearly trip we take to Nashville with Matt’s family. Each year, we drive down, stay with his Aunt and Uncle – who we call UG and Aunt Precious – and indulge in some relaxing time spent by the pool. I ride down & back with my inlaws (Matt flies down and meets us later in the week) and I usually end up finishing between 2-3 books by the time the long weekend is done.  Last year, I read a book on the way down, one poolside, and another on the drive back.  I’m a riveting road trip companion.  Obviously I don’t do this when I’m the only other person in the car, but since my inlaws have each other, I read.

I am headed to the bookstore today to pick up a few tomes to keep me company and wanted to get your summer book recommendations – especially your feedback on a few of the titles I’m considering. The books I like to read always have a little element of danger, or mystery and a plot twist.  The few I’ve researched above seem to fit the bill.  Plus I’m sharing one that I HAVE read and highly highly recommend to others – Sarah’s Key.  It’s a little heavy, a WWII fiction, but is an incredible read, instantly engaging and has a lot of information about the war and how it affected Paris, which I found really interesting.  Definitely a must-read.

Aside from the fiction pieces, I like to mix in a little non-fiction too, so I’ve included a few of the business books I’ve had on my reading list as well – have you read any of them?

I really want to hear if you have read any of these – or have any other recommendations?  I am so excited to hear from you!


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p.s.  In honor of heading out to go be someone else’s houseguest, I’ve put together a little post in honor of summer houseguesting today on the Bali Blog!  Check it out here.

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