White, Bright, and a Pop!

*photo from light locations

Inspiration in a room is anything which makes me feel something. This room is a slight departure from the natural and neutral rooms I am usually inspired by, but nonetheless, I think it is has some characteristics that I envy in a living space – and makes me feel light, bright and happy!

There is an almost playful juxtaposition between the louis style armchair and settee to the mid-century sofa, all tied together through color – and lots of it!

Please weigh in!  Click on the grey ‘leave a comment’ link at the top of the post and tell me what your thoughts are on this room!   It makes me feel like this:

*photos from top left: sundayinbed, amber apple via pinterest, a creative mint, carrie hampton via pinterest

What about you?

Have a BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL Tuesday!

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