White (Farmhouse) Christmas + Life Update

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Happy Happy Holiday Friday, guys! I am getting excited about the impending festivities and am crossing my fingers for a white Christmas.  The probability is pretty slim right now, but there is always the possibility of a Christmas miracle, right? In the meantime, I’ve been inspired by pictures of snow capped barns with wreaths.  It’s a very specific thing to be inspired by, but since we live in farm country, whenever I drive by a barn with a well placed wreath, I get fuzzy feelings inside.

As the year winds to a close, we’ve been doing a lot of planning for next year already.  Aside from the vacation plans which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying (thank you all for your amazing comments and suggestions on this post), we’ve also been looking forward at our business and what the new year will bring in terms of growth.

I spoke briefly in this post about my thoughts on opening a storefront, and after much deliberation, have decided against that route, but have decided in favor of a totally new (and much better) idea.  When working on the math for a store front, I cringed at the overhead cost which we currently don’t have working out of our home.  We’re outgrowing our home office so quickly, though, and with the reality of hiring some help in 2015, don’t feel comfortable having a team of people working out of our home.  I was leaning toward the storefront idea because I hated the thought of renting office space but not being able to also sell our designs out of that space seem liked an even worse allocation of money. So what’s the solution?

With thoughts of a rented space being more than our mortgage, it sparked an idea in us.  We have land… why wouldn’t we just build our own office/store/warehouse?



With that one thought, we’ve been dreaming non-stop about building a barn to house everything from work and warehouse to parties, hobbies, workshops, and maybe a few annual barn sales to get some retail sales.

In my dreams, it would be a 2 story space with office space for me, Matt, and a few employees as well as a more ‘studio’ space for workshops, photo sessions, and crafting.  There would be lots and lots of south facing windows to take in the view of our wooded land and let in lots of natural light. The first floor would have glass garage doors to open it up in the summer months and house parties as well as just be practical for when we have 18 wheelers delivering pallets of product. The downstairs would also be ideal for packing and shipping. Matt has some goals for the dream barn too.  He’d love for it to have space for entertaining, maybe a bonus-type room for movie watching, pool playing and other manly adventures.

Lastly, we’re going to make sure there is enough space for us to produce some of our own product to sell in the shop.  There are lots of changes coming to the shop for 2015, but this is the only one I’m willing to share at this moment!  Right now, we design everything, but have it made, printed, assembled elsewhere.  We would really like to invest in the right machinery and start crafting our designs in-house.

It’s a big dream and there are a lot of moving parts.  Right now, we’re still in the design dreaming phase, pinpointing what we’ll need.

This holiday season, however, I’m going to take it slow, let my mind wander and dream, and soak in as much snow-capped, wreath-adorned barns as I can.


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