Wood Leaf Fall Wreath


Happy Fall everyone!  Even though I just had a baby and have been laying low for the better part of the season, I couldn’t miss it completely!  I love the autumn so much that I felt the itch this past weekend to decorate my back stoop, hoping to squeeze what I could out of the remainder of the fall.

I bought a plain twig wreath a few years ago and dress it up with various embellishments each season.  Last year, I created a modern spring wreath out of moss and air plants and this week.  This week, I got the wreath back out and garnished it with some wooden leaves.  It was a super simple project that took less than an hour and I think the results are beautiful!




I bought the wood leaves from Paper Source but it doesn’t look like they’re available online… BUT you could easily use the die cut paper leaves or print out any leaf outline and create wood-look leaves with this shelf liner like I did here on a larger scale.

After I had 8 wood leaves, I used one to create the birch leaves.  First, outline a leaf onto the back of your birch sheet, then cut out the leaf shape.  The birch is a little difficult to cut, so I stock to the easier leaf shapes and only made 5.


Next, I just glued the leaves to my grapevine wreath.  I nestled each leaf into place first, then went back and glued them individually.

dsc_4819 dsc_4843

It sure does look pretty, doesn’t it?

For me, it’s all about making something beautiful with something I have.  Since I keep redecorating this same wreath season after season, it’s paid for itself!  This may be a lot of steps if you don’t have the materials handy, but I had all of these things at home, so it was a simple project.  Once you invest in some of these materials once, you can use them again and again too!  I also have used these wood leaves for name cards, for a garland, or even just scattered down the center of the table!

I even think if you add more birch and a festive bow, this wreath could transition you through the entire winter!

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