Wooden Leaf Fall Wreath

wooden leaf wreath

We’re getting deep into the fall posts these next several weeks and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  I love fall decor touches around my home and especially love to jazz up my front porch a bit.  What I don’t love are most of the wreaths I see out there. Of what I see in stores most wreaths are either too crafty, too fake, or too dated for my taste.  I want something natural and simple, but with a bit of uniqueness.

natural fall wreaths

You may have seen the little wooden leaves in my fall color palette post yesterday, and if you wondered what they were or what I’d be doing with them, you’re in luck!  Today I’m using leaf shaped wooden veneer that I found at Paper Source last weekend. Immediately when I saw them I thought of making a stacked leaf wreath out of them.  I didn’t know how the exact mechanics were going to work, I just knew I wanted to use them.  I’ve devised a way to get them into a beautiful wreath with just a few household items! 

wooden leaf wreath materials

I decided to use a wire hanger for the form even though I know they sell wreath forms.  I was just being lazy/cheap and didn’t want to go to the store (total honesty).  Aside from the wire hanger and my wooden leaves, I plucked some of the eucalyptus that was in this weeks flower arrangement and together with my hole punch and wire, we were set.

wooden leaf wreath tutorial 1

ONE bend the hook of the hanger so that it’s straight, then form the body of the hanger into a circle with the top (hook) part lying flat against the circle.  TWO punch a hole towards the stem portion of your leaves and use a 2″ piece of floral wire to secure it to the hanger.  It will be a little loose and wobbly, but that will improve as you go, so don’t fret. THREE continue to wire the leaves on about 2″ or so apart so that they overlap.

wooden leaf wreath tutorial 2

FOUR once all of the leaves are wired on, go back in between the leaves and add some springs of greenery.  I choose eucalyptus because it dries nicely.  Any type of eucalyptus or evergreen would work well.  Or if you’ve previously dried any flowers, those would work nicely too. FIVE* use a glue gun to apply glue along both sides of the wire form.  SIX* apply a strip of scrap fabric, ribbon, or burlap to the glue.  This both hides some of the wire and further secures the leaves into place.

* these steps are optional, but I felt like the glue and fabric held everything in place a little better and since I have a glass front door, it hid the ‘mechanics’ from being seen inside.

cool fall wreaths

All in, this project cost about $20.  Although there are some wreaths out there for less, none are as natural or (in my opinion) as pretty!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I’m just a little bummed that nobody aside from the Fedex man uses our front door!  But I know it’s there and every time I walk by, it makes me legitimately happy!

Do you have a wreath?  Do you make it or buy it?


Want more fall?  I’m talking about fall decorating today on the Bali Blinds blog!!  Check it out here!

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