Wooden Leaf Placemats


Ah fall!  I wrote on Monday about how much I love entertaining in this season of changing leaves and crisp air.  The season brings out the spirit of DIY in most people with a renewed desire to spice things up (literally and figuratively).  Today’s wood leaf placemat tutorial is the perfect easy project for your fall tabletop.

dsc_4750 dsc_4761


Not only is it beautiful, but it’s easy and the materials are easy to find!  So let’s get started!


wood-leaf-placemats-materials wooden-leaf-placemats-step-1

First things first, you’ll need a template.  Since the placemats are larger than a standard piece of paper, you have to print them onto multiple pieces of paper and piece them together.  Open the PDF templates below in Adobe Acrobat Reader and when you print, choose the BANNER option. The file will print across 4 pieces of paper.

Oak Leaf Template

Maple Leaf Template

CUT each quarter piece of the template and then TAPE them together to form a full leaf.

wooden-leaf-placemats-step-2 wooden-leaf-placemats-step-3

Work with the cork first, since there is less on a roll and you’ll need to be strategic about how the leaves are laid out. OUTLINE the leaf template onto the back of the cork, then cut out the leaf.  You’ll need to put the cork leaves under some heavy books overnight so that it uncurls before the next step.

**If you’d rather not wait, you can first stick the cork leaf to some poster board, cut the poster board to match the cork leaf edges, then continue onto the next step.**

Lay your cork leaf out onto the wood shelf liner to roughly measure the amount of liner you’ll need.  CUT out the rough amount.



Next, REMOVE the backing from the wood shelf liner and tape the liner to your work surface so that you can easily stick the cork leaf to the back of the liner.  Otherwise you have two sticky pieces coming together and bungling it is easy.

Of course, if you went the poster board route, it wouldn’t be as difficult, so you could just stick the wood vinyl to the backing of the cork.

wooden-leaf-placemats-step-6 dsc_4756 dsc_4757

They turned out beautifully!  One of the huge benefits to the vinyl placemats is that they can be easily wiped down if food or spills get onto them.  If they were real wood, they’d stain and warp.

After completing this project, I can’t help but think of the amount of wooden leaf projects I could make!  Maybe place cards?  A wreath? What would you make with the wood vinyl? Since so much comes on a roll, you could make these placemats and then also make a ton more!

p.s. Those gorgeous napkins are our Kira flat weave towels – and they’re 50% off right now!

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