Word for 2016

word of the year

It’s been fairly common recently to choose a word to define your year instead of making specific resolutions.  This weekend when Matt asked me what I would resolve to, I took a minute to think, but ultimately chose to love more.  Specifically to surround myself and my household with as much love as I can this year.

I had some pretty high hopes last year in both my business and my personal life.  When things wouldn’t go as planned or would fail utterly, I had a bad tendency to immediately blame myself.  I can be so hard on myself – harder than any outside person would ever be.  I think it can be a habit that particularly effects women – being so hard on ourselves that we, ourselves, turn into our biggest critics, our biggest downfalls.

Sometimes I think that we forget that to be good people, that to be good wives, business women, and mothers, we need to show ourselves love – mercy even.  We need to love ourselves and take care of our hearts to make sure our own coffers are full so that we can give and love others.

A failure in business doesn’t mean we’re failures… it means we’re calibrating and learning.  Failures in life don’t mean we’re failures, they mean we’re growing.

I wasn’t originally planning to talk about it here on the blog, but with the clarity and distance of time, and the knowledge that so many women go through what I considered one of my big life failures last year – a miscarriage – that I wanted to share this a piece of my personal life. While I spent weeks this past fall feeling like my body had failed me, I ended up feeling like my body was just readying itself… or working out the kinks, so to speak. After several weeks of going through the dismal process, I was left with a feeling that what should come next should be to turn my focus inward and be kinder, more loving to myself.  And to share… because so many women experience miscarriage and hopefully just by sharing, someone else may not feel so alone.

For this reason, my word is love.  It’s not business based, or achievement based.  It’s something that I feel we should do – I should do – before achievements.  Showing ourselves mercy, compassion, and love in the ups and downs of life, of business, and of family is what enables us to keep going, to tackle another day and give more of ourselves.

So, here is to 2016 and all the love that will come with it.  Cheers!



p.s. For anyone who may have gone through or is going through a miscarriage, I have detailed my entire experience here.  While I was going through the early stages of it, I searched the internet for information and came pretty empty handed in terms of actually stories and details to compare to my own.  All I wanted was to hear or read someone else’s account and not feel so isolated and unclear.  For this reason, I put my experience on a private page not really accessible for regular daily blog readers, but just by this link and if someone is searching the internet for this exact piece of info, it will pop up!  I wrote this WHILE I was going through it and it’s graphic, so beware!


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