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Happy Monday guys! Are you pumped up for another week? This weekend I got to thinking about dreams, goals, jobs, and the future.  I think about these things, how they all work together, and on what sort of timeline they’re working together all.of.the.time. Quite honestly, the result of this type of thinking lands me in a little pit of worry and I begin to doubt my path.  Then I saw this quotation circulating pinterest. Of all of the inspirational, whimsical, dreamy posts that I see out there this one is different because it’s just so clear and direct.  “If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time.” Geeze, how’s that for a wake-up call?

When I meet with young hopefuls who want to get started in the online world, often the very first question they ask is “how to did get to the point where you could quit your day job?”  It’s almost like clockwork when that question will come up in the conversation.  Although (clearly) the concept of following a dream and following it wholeheartedly is the same for everyone of in every walk of life, I found this quotation as a beacon of sorts for the self employed, not necessarily for those who haven’t made the leap. I find it inspiring because while it may seem that we’re already on the road to doing what we love, we aren’t on a road at all.  We’re on an open pasture trying to figure out which direction we should walk.

Finding the courage to quit a stable career in favor of doing what I love was a big risk (still is a big risk) and it was the first step, but that’s all it was, the first step.  There are so many more steps to take after the first one.  I find that people want to hear stores of grandeur from me.  They want to hear that since I’ve left the corporate world, things have all fallen into place, my dreams have been realized and I’m on the fast yellow-bricked-road to success.  It’s so the opposite.

Everyone tells you that it’s hard.  You constantly hear, “working for yourself is so difficult, but so rewarding.”  I’ve even said those words to people myself (which now I am mentally making a note not to say anymore). The truth is that it is hard.  But it’s not just hard work hard, like pull up your boot straps and put in the work hard.  It’s hard like, “what the *!%$ am I supposed to be doing right now hard. It’s second guessing yourself hard.  It’s staring and a wall (or computer screen) paralyzed by the number of choices and decisions that will take you in one direction versus another.  And is that the right direction at all (frantic doubting steps in)?

But then, I see this quote. And it’s so simple.  But what is so powerful about the words are what they imply, not what they say directly. It says that not doing what you love is a waste of time, but what that means to me is completely the opposite.  That means that every single day that I’ve been devoting to my dreams is NOT a waste of my time. Those words mean to me that every single action I’ve taken toward these goals is a perfect use of my time and anything else just wouldn’t be right.

So, to those of you who aspire to be on your own and to those of you who already are, just keep your eye on the prize and know that not one breath is wasted in the process.

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