Work with your hands


This weekend was so full and so empty all at once. It actually felt like living… and not like hustling. Usually when I work on the weekends, I’m behind a camera or my computer putting together the posts for the week or designing new items for my brand. I’m rushing off to this coffee meeting or another happy hour or trying to quickly fit in a round of golf before I have to change and head out to a wedding shower or baby shower, or birthday party.  This weekend however, we worked with our hands, and we worked slowly.  We spend the whole weekend working, and it felt good.  It felt so satisfying to spend hours doing something so mindless, but still very productive.  At the end of the day, we would just clean ourselves up, sit out on the patio, and play with the dog.

And the contrasts between the work were something I was reflecting on last night. While half of the weekend was spent tearing something apart, the other half was spent cultivating something new. While we worked so hard in the house next door tearing it apart and getting ready for some demo and reno work (pictures to come soon), we also worked to build something.  We cared for the garden, cultivating the young plants and yielding enough to add some home-grown lettuce and cucumber to our evening salad.



I realized how wonderful it felt to have a schedule open enough to get some hard work done.  Not just skimming the top of a big project and rushing off to something else in the vain of trying to ‘fit it all in’. We started and completed just two big things, but what happened aside from the actual task at hand was one of the most rewarding.  We talked a lot while working, listened to some new music, and enjoyed the simplicity and the hard work of what we were doing and enjoyed it together.

I know that it’s called ‘labor’ for a reason… it was hard work.  It was sweaty, dirty work. But there is just something about working with your hands that is so fulfilling  Maybe it’s seeing something materialize in front of your eyes, or maybe it’s the time to let our brains rest.  Either way, it was exactly what I needed.

What did you get into this weekend?

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